Sunday, November 30, 2014

Red Selectric II with Correction SOLD

Check out this beautiful dark Red Selectric II with Correction. It has received my full reconditioning process, including a full chemical wash, replacement of high-mortality parts and complete re-lubrication with synthetic grease and oil that won't harden and gum over time. New noise-reducing foam has been installed in the factory locations to make this machine perform like new.

Smooth and quiet, this machine is quick and responsive. The keyboard touch is fantastic. That's the real draw of the Selectric. No other machine or keyboard can match the feel of a Selectric.

Cleaned inside and out, platen and feed rollers resurfaced, adjustments checked and a new ribbon and correction tape installed.


Fully tested and ready to go. Comes complete with extra ribbon, extra correction tape and NEW DUST COVER. A truly beautiful machine that is a joy to use. One-year guarantee on everything. Although I'd rather you pick it up in person, I can ship it for an extra fee.

Send me an email with questions. My contact information is in the "about me" section.