Monday, May 4, 2015

Marlin Blue IBM Selectric III - SOLD

Here is another great Selectric III in Marlin Blue that I just refurbished. IBM made some of the best typewriters of all time. This is a beautiful example in excellent condition.

It has been completely refurbished, including a chemical bath to remove decades-old hardened grease and oil, all adjustments checked and necessary repairs made, fully relubricated with synthetic oil and grease that won't harden over time and quality-tested to ensure correct operation. 

This machine looks and types just like new. You will be pleasantly surprised.

 Comes complete with a NEW dust cover, extra ribbon, extra correction tape and a copy of the owner's manual. One-Year Guarantee on everything. You won't be disappointed.


You are welcome to come by and type on it. My contact information is in my profile.