Saturday, January 31, 2015

Selectric I - Personal Size - 11 inch Platen - SOLD

Freshly overhauled/restored, this is a 11" Selectric I. Like all the machines I do, I completely cleaned it with a chemical bath, lubricated it with synthetic oil and grease that won't gum over time. All necessary parts replaced and all adjustments checked and thoroughly tested. It types like a dream and has that wonderful keyboard touch that made Selectrics famous. Nothing will ever rival typing on a Selectric .

This machine is a model 72 which came with a fabric ribbon, but I put a carbon film ribbon in it. The carbon ribbon prints much sharper and clearer, which Selectrics are famous for.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More Machines Coming Soon

I'm in the process of completing two more Selectric III's.
One will be Cocoa Brown and the other Marlin Blue.

If you are interested, my email is listed in my profile.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Willow Green Selectric II w/Correction SOLD

Here's the latest machine that I finished refurbishing. It's a Willow Green Selectric II with Correction.

Completely refurbished inside and out, including a full chemical wash, replacement of high-mortality parts and complete re-lubrication with synthetic oil and grease to return it to like-new performance. New noise-reducing foam has been installed in the factory locations to make this machine perform like new. Additionally, it's been repainted in the original factory color.

Everything possible has been done to make this machine like new again. You will think it's the 1970's all over again! If you have ever used a Selectric, you will be amazed how flawless this machine performs. It's a Dual-Pitch, 15" Correcting model.

Smooth and quiet, this machine is quick and responsive. The keyboard touch is fantastic. That's the real draw of the Selectric. No other machine or keyboard can match the feel of a Selectric.

As near-new as you will ever find.

Fully tested and ready to go. Comes complete with extra ribbon, extra correction tape and a custom-fitted NEW DUST COVER. A truly beautiful machine that is a joy to use. One-year guarantee on everything. Although I'd rather you pick it up in person, I can ship it for an extra fee.
A real bargain considering the time and materials required.


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