Monday, April 13, 2015

Garnet Rose Selectric II - SOLD

Here's the latest machine I refurbished. This is the same one I posted about earlier with photos of the inside of the machine. It turned out beautifully and is silky-smooth and quiet.

As with all the machines I do, I completely overhauled this one with a chemical bath to clean out the dried grease and oil, all necessary parts replaced, relubricated with synthetic lubricants, new noise-reducing foam replacement and beautiful new Garnet Rose paint. Many people have never seen a Red Selectric as they weren't all that common.

Here is a type sample.
It has Dual-Pitch and Correction.

Spotlessly clean inside and out. Even in all the places only technicians see. This machine also has a new metal cycle clutch pulley. No problems with a cracking pulley in this machine - ever.

 Just like new in every way. All adjustments have been checked and fine-tuned to make this machine a pleasure to type on.

It includes a NEW Dust Cover, Extra Carbon Ribbon, Extra Correction Tape and Owner's Manual.

Come try it, you won't be disappointed. My contact information is in my profile.

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