Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Refurbished Selectric III in Autumn Red - SOLD

Here's a great Selectric III in Autumn Red with a Black base that I just finished.

Completely refurbished. This machine has completely chemically cleaned, re-lubricated with synthetic oil and grease, high wear parts replaced, adjusted to factory perfection and has new paint.The cycle clutch pulley has been sleeved to prevent future problems. New sound reduction foam installed for quiet operation. I have basically remanufactured every aspect of this machine, inside and out. It looks and functions just like new.

It has a 15" platen, Error Correction and the wonderful Selectric "touch" keyboard that everyone loves. It is a Dual-pitch (10 and 12 cpi) typewriter that uses any of the elements for a Selectric III (96 character elements).

Extras Included:

 Original IBM Black Vinyl Cover
New Spare Ribbon
New Spare Correction tape
Printed Owner's Manual


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