Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Refurbished Willow Green Selectric II with Extras SOLD

Here's another great IBM Selectric II in Willow Green that I just finished refurbishing. It has been fully reconditioned with a chemical wash, necessary parts replacement, synthetic oil and grease lubrication, adjustments checked and returned to factory specs and refinished in the original color of IBM Willow Green.

It has a 15" platen, Error Correction and the wonderful Selectric "touch" keyboard that everyone loves. It is a Dual-pitch (10 and 12 cpi) typewriter that uses any of the elements for a Selectric I or II (88 character elements).

New sound reduction foam installed for quiet operation. I have basically remanufactured every aspect of this machine, inside and out. It looks and functions just like new.

Extras Included:

New Black Vinyl Cover
New Spare Ribbon
New Spare Correction tape
Printed Owner's Manual

Come see and type on this beautiful machine and you'll be hooked!

  • Dual-Pitch Correcting Selectric II, model 895
  • Completely Refinished in the original Willow Green
  • Freshly Cleaned, Lubed and Adjusted
  • New Sound Insulating Foam
  • Ready To Use


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