Saturday, July 22, 2017

Red Selectric II with Correction with Extras

This is a extra nice Selectric II  in Red that I just refurbished. It has been completely reconditioned with a chemical wash, necessary parts replacement, full lubrication with synthetic lubricants and adjustments checked and corrected. A new aluminum cycle clutch pulley has been installed for years of trouble-free service.

It has a 15" platen, Error Correction and the wonderful Selectric "touch" keyboard that everyone loves. It is a Dual-pitch (10 and 12 cpi) typewriter that uses any of the elements for a Selectric I or II (88 character elements).

New sound reduction foam installed for quiet operation. I have basically remanufactured every aspect of this machine, inside and out. It looks and functions just like new.

Extras Included:

New Black Vinyl Cover
Printed Owner's Manual

Come see and type on this beautiful machine and you'll be hooked!

  • Dual-Pitch Correcting Selectric II, model 895
  • Completely Refinished in Pearl White
  • Freshly Cleaned, Lubed and Adjusted
  • New Sound Insulating Foam
  • Ready To Use

Price:  $250  
One Year Guarantee on everything. You won't be disappointed. Contact me for more information or to come by to see it in person. It's located in Eureka Springs and because it's so heavy, I really don't want to ship it.

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