Monday, November 13, 2017

Another Selectric III Dvorak Keyboard Layout

I refurbished this Selectric III and converted the keyboard to a Dvorak Simplified layout. You can read about the procedure I use to convert the keyboard here>

It's important to me to retain the dual-velocity operation when changing the keyboard layout. Otherwise, the punctuation characters will strike harder than intended and cut the paper. I custom modify the velocity vane so that it prints with the proper impression force as designed.

This machine made an ideal candidate since it was in great cosmetic condition and it saw very little actual use as it was manufactured in April, 1986, near the end of Selectric production. Starting with a nice machine helps, but I still did a full refurbishment process including chemical wash, synthetic lubrication, new sound reduction foam and much more. I try to make every machine as new again as possible. 

This machine was commissioned by a customer, so it's already on it's way to a new home.


  1. I am, again, in awe of your abilities.

    1. Thanks. Time, patience and attention to detail are the necessary ingredients.

  2. and a dash of love, I'm certain :D

  3. Nice one Ted. Dvorak is more comfort, more efficient, but takes 2 months to learn, but inconvenient when you need to use other people's computer or in public.

    -Hannah CCleaner

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