Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Emerald Green Selectric II with Correction - SOLD

This is another machine that I've refurbished from my collection. Summer is my busy time around our place, so it took a little longer than normal. It takes me 25 to 30 hours to completely refurbish a Selectric from top to bottom and I have to find that time in short spurts when other things aren't pressing.

I start my refurbishing process by carefully picking a machine from the dozens I have. Initially looking for obvious problems like damaged or missing parts, damage that can't be fixed like from being dropped or from rust. Most anything can usually be fixed, but the nicer a machine is to start with, the nicer it will turn out in the end.

This is a very fine Selectric II with Correction from 1979. In my opinion, the late 70's was the best time for Selectrics as most revisions had taken place to solve problems in the field and they were rock-solid dependable. You see, IBM never stopped improving the Selectric from the moment it was introduced in 1961. Changes and revisions were made constantly in the early years, making parts replacement sometimes confusing and complicated. But after nearly 20 years of production, the mechanisms had been improved and refined to be trouble-free and easier to manufacture.

This machine received my entire refurbishing process, beginning with disassembly to inspect and clean. Rubber components and the motor and switch are removed to allow for a chemical wash. Each removed part is individually inspected and cleaned to prepare for re-installation later on. The power frame is put into the typewriter washer and cleaned thoroughly. While it's cleaning, the case is prepped for repainting. Emblems, trim and logos are removed and reconditioned if necessary. Dirt, grease and scratches are removed to allow for the best finish possible.

The case is then repainted with colors matching the IBM original in a textured finish. I want the machine to look and work just like it came from IBM.  While the paint is curing, I then turn my attention to the inner workings, further disassembling, cleaning and repairing as necessary. Experience guides me to the areas that should be given more attention to produce the best possible machine.

The mechanisms are thoroughly lubricated with synthetic oil and grease to prolong service intervals and reduce wear. Parts are replaced as necessary along with high-mortality parts as a preventative measure.

New sound reduction foam installed for quiet operation. I have basically remanufactured every aspect of this machine, inside and out. It looks and functions just like new.

Extras Included:

New Black Vinyl Cover
Printed Owner's Manual

Come see and type on this beautiful machine and you'll be hooked!

  • Dual-Pitch Correcting Selectric II, model 895
  • Completely Refinished in Emerald Green
  • Freshly Cleaned, Lubed and Adjusted
  • New Sound Insulating Foam
  • Ready To Use


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