Thursday, December 27, 2018

Raven Black Selectric II - Sold

Just finished. This is a beautiful Mid-Size Raven Black Selectric II with Correction. This machine was previously reconditioned by IBM in 1981 and apparently not used much after that.

But time has it's way with all things and over the last 30 or so years while it wasn't used, the oil and grease stiffened, causing it not to work. The first step to any successful reconditioning process is to remove the old oil and grease and free everything up again. Then inspect and replace all necessary parts and finally re-adjust the machine to bring it back to like-new operation. A long and tedious process, but one that can't be rushed. I spend somewhere between 25 and 30 hours on each machine. Obviously I"m not getting rich rebuilding Selectrics, but I know you will be proud to use it for years when I'm finished.

Literally each and every part is cleaned, inspected and reconditioned or replaced, if necessary, to return it to like-new appearance and operation. It's amazing how many things I find that need correction during the process, some of which were incorrect from new.

It has a 13" platen, Error Correction and the wonderful Selectric "touch" keyboard that everyone loves. It is a Dual-pitch (10 and 12 cpi) typewriter that uses any of the elements for a Selectric I or I (88 character elements).

IBM Selectric II
    Dual-Pitch Correcting, model 893
    Freshly Cleaned, Lubed and Adjusted
    New Sound Insulating Foam
    Ready To Use

Extras Included:

New Black Vinyl Dust Cover
Printed Owner's Manual

One Year Guarantee on everything. No disappointments. Contact me for more information or to come by to see it in person. It's located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and because it's so heavy, I really don't want to ship it.


I can also service and repair your Selectric. Simple repairs to full overhauls and rebuilds. Parts for Selectrics also available. 

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  1. ooh, a 13" dual-pitch. great format - nicely done! (: