Monday, January 14, 2019

Garnet Rose IBM Selectric II - Refurbished

Here's a terrific IBM Selectric II with correction that I just finished. I gave it a complete overhaul including a chemical wash, synthetic lubrication, high mortality parts replacements, careful inspection and adjustment and numerous upgrades to make this machine like-new again.

A beautiful machine, inside and out. Literally each and every part is cleaned, inspected and reconditioned or replaced, if necessary, to return it to like-new appearance and operation

Complete with Dual-Pitch and Correction, this machine is the standard by which other typewriters are measured. Such a dream to use.

It has a 15" platen, Error Correction and the wonderful Selectric "touch" keyboard that everyone loves. It is a Dual-pitch (10 and 12 cpi) typewriter that uses any of the elements for a Selectric I or I (88 character elements).

IBM Selectric II
    Dual-Pitch Correcting, model 895
    Freshly Cleaned, Lubed and Adjusted
    New Sound Insulating Foam
    Ready To Use

Extras Included:

New Black Vinyl Dust Cover
Printed Owner's Manual

One Year Guarantee on everything. No disappointments. Contact me for more information or to come by to see it in person. It's located in Nixa, Missouri (close to Springfield, MO) and because it's so heavy, I really don't want to ship it.

Price: $350

I can also service and repair your Selectric. Simple repairs to full overhauls and rebuilds. Parts for Selectrics also available. 


  1. Sir, that is a bargain at 350. If I wasn't a thousand miles away I would be at your door.

  2. I know you said you would rather not ship it. However would you consider shipping it to Canada? It is a beautiful work of art & you clearly put allot of care & effort into it.

  3. I have a "mint" black IBM Correcting Selectric II 15" Dual-Pitch (895) and would like to know if you still have any of the dust covers you offered at one time. My cover is still serviceable but has become brittle over the years, so I'd like to replace it with a supple new one if you still have them for sale. Thanks Clark!