Thursday, July 25, 2019

Springfield, MO Typewriter Repair

I have recently moved to the Springfield Missouri area. Now that I'm settled in, I'm restarted my typewriter repair service. I specialize in IBM Selectric typewriters, but I have and can repair antique, vintage manual and electric typewriters and even electronic typewriters.

I repair all kinds of typewriters, IBM or otherwise. 
I'm located about 6 miles south of Springfield in Nixa, Missouri. Please contact me before coming by. My email address is in my profile.


  1. Might could come up with a spiffy name for your shingle. Current name is precisely descriptive but lacks pizazz. :D

  2. Sir:
    I have an IBM Selectric III unit in need of service. Please call me to discuss your service.
    Stuart Barnhill

  3. I have a brothers executron 65 and was hoping you could look at it. Please let me know. Carol Ricke. Call or text 4176939877 or email

  4. I have a personal IBM Selectric 1 and am looking to know how to sell. Any ideas to reach IBM fans?

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